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RVs Iceland Insurances

Here is our wide selection of insurances that can make your life on the road more comfortable.You can select from these insurances in the booking process or at our office when you pick up the RV

Insurance packages

Insurance Coverage TypeBasicIncludedGood€25/dayGreat€35/dayFantastic€50/day
Excess Liability€3.000€1.000€500€0
Collision Damage Waiver****
Third Party Liability Insurance****
Unlimited mileage****
Theft Protection***
Gravel Protection***
Super Collision Damage Waiver***
Gold Collision Damage Waiver**
Sand and Ash Protection**
Zero Excess Insurance*
Tire Insurance*
Free Extra Drivers*
Towing cost – Deductible€6.000€3.000€1.500€0

Super Collision Damage Waiver(SCDW) €20

SCDW Insurance covers accidental damage to the camper.

Self-risk without SCDW: 3.000€
Self-risk with SCDW: 1.000€

Gold Collision Damage Waiver(GCDW) €25/day

GCDW Insurance covers accidental damage to the camper.

Self-risk: without GCDW: 3.000€
Self-risk: with GCDW: 500€

Zero excess €35/day

Lower your deductible/liability to zero with zero excess insurance.

Self-risk: without ZCDW: 3.000€
Self-risk: with ZCDW: 0€

Gravel Protection €10/day

Gravel Protection (GP) covers damages to the windscreen and the body of your car caused by gravel thrown onto the car.

Self-risk without GP: Unlimited €
Self-risk with GP: 0€

Sand & Ash Protection €15/day

Sand and ash protection covers damages caused by ash or sandstorm.

Self-risk without SAAP: Unlimited €
Self-risk with SAAP: 500€

Tire Insurance €10/day

You are not accountable for the expense of replacing a tire if you damage.
Self-risk without TI: Cost of a new tire plus service (≈300€)
Self-risk with TI: 0€
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