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Our Terms & Conditions

Cancelation policy:We offer to fully refund your booking if you contact us by email to cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the start of your rental.Cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are nonrefundable. No refund on early returns. Methods of payment:A driver’s credit card is required. Visa, MasterCard, and all major credit cards are accepted. A copy of the credit card will be made at the start of all rentals for security purposes, even if a voucher covers the cost of the rental. This copy of the credit card can be used to pay for any additional costs, including additional insurance, parking tickets, damages, tank filling or any charges due to the use of the rented vehicle.

Obligations of the Lessee:

1. The lessee agrees to the provisions of this lease and has received a copy of it. 

2. The lessee will return the RV: a) And all accessories (including tires and tools) are in the condition they were when received, except for normal wear due to use.b) With the interior (plastics, seats, mattress, and kitchen appliance) in the same condition as received. c) On the date specified in this lease, unless otherwise agreed upon later. d) To the lessor’s premises, unless otherwise agreed.e) With a full tank of fuel unless otherwise agreed upon. The lessor reserves the right to charge an additional service fee of 20€ additional to the cost of the missing fuel. f) Reasonably clean. If the camper needs an additional hour of the cleaning crew’s time, a cleaning fee of 100€ will be charged.i) We ask our customers to:
(1) Empty the car of all trash and food. 
(2) Return the extra equipment packed and in order.  
(3) Clean the cutleries, dishes, pots & pans after usage.
(4) Spend 10-15 minutes to make the camper nice on the inside. 
(5) We don’t ask customers to clean the outside of the camper

3. If the lessee violates the terms of this contract or does not return the automobile at the time agreed according to the lease, or does not declare his intentions to extend the lease, the lessor or the police are authorized to repossess the vehicle without further notice and at the lessee’s cost. Extending the lease is dependent on the consent of the lessor. If the lessee returns the vehicle 1 hour or later after the lease has expired, the lessor is authorized to demand up to 24-hour rental under the lease terms. For every day that begins after that, the lessor may collect all charges as per the lessor’s pricelist.

4. The vehicle shall be handled and driven carefully. Only those named drivers on this agreement’s first page are authorized to drive the vehicle. The lessee is liable for damages resulting from using the automobile, for which the vehicle’s insurance company will pay no compensation. This includes damages to the automobile and/or injury to passengers due to the following: 
a) Off-road driving, for example, in paths and tracks, on beaches, in areas only accessible during low tide, or in other trackless areas.b)  Driving across rivers or any kind of water course is forbidden
c) Intentional acts or gross negligence.
d) Use of intoxicating substances by the driver
e) Vehicle use that contravenes Icelandic law and/or the provisions of this lease.f) Driving in banks of snow and ice is forbidden

5. Driving rental cars on roads or tracks with no road number is forbidden. Passenger cars and 2WD vehicles are strictly prohibited on roads marked with an F on public maps, as well as driving Kjölur (road35) Dettifoss road east side (road 864), Kaldidalur (road 550) or Jökulshálsleið (road 570). Driving on F-roads is only allowed by driving a 4×4 camper that the lessor agrees is appropriate for such roads. A breach of this article authorizes the lessor to collect fines from the lessee, equaling the amount of self-risk as stated in the lessor’s pricelist at any given time. The provision mentioned above on fines does not affect the lessee’s liability regarding damage. It is the lessee’s responsibility to obtain information on road conditions while traveling as well as weather conditions and forecasts and general warnings.

6. In the event of a collision or an accident, the lessee shall immediately notify the appropriate police authorities and the lessor of the incident. The lessee may only leave the scene after the police have arrived. 
a) If the lessee did not cause the accident and the cause is not found, the lessee is responsible for the damage to the lessee’s automobile.

7. The lessee agrees to pay the lessor upon request.
a) a deposit amounting to the self-liability limit on the chosen insurance package.
b) Any and all expenses incurred by the lessor if he has to bring the vehicle back to his premises in the event that it has been left somewhere without supervision, without regard to the condition of the vehicle, the roads, or the weather. In the same manner, the lessee is responsible for all costs due to the transport of the vehicle in case of damage caused by the lessee.
8. The lessee is only authorized to have repairs done, make changes to the vehicle or its accessories, or put the vehicle up as any kind of security with the lessor’s prior consent.
9. The lessee is liable for all parking meter charges, road tolls, entrance fees, and fines for breaking traffic laws and accepts to pay up to a 20€ processing fee if the lessor has to process the payments. 
10. The lessor reserves the right to collect a charge from the lessee charged against their credit card. According to the lessor’s pricelist, the lessor has to pay fines for the lessee and/or inform the authorities about the lessee because of traffic violations.
11. If the lessee ignores the lessor’s notifications to bring the car in for an oil change, service inspection, or mandatory vehicle inspection, the lessor is permitted to collect a negligence charge from the lessee, according to the lessor’s rates and price list. 
12. The lessee is not authorized to use the vehicle to transport passengers for payment, lend it to others or sublease it. 
13. If the rental ends before the agreed time as per the agreement, the lessor is allowed to collect the total balance of the rental agreement.
14. The lessee agrees not to smoke in the vehicle. Smoking or the smell of cigarettes in the car will result in a penalty fee of 300€.

Obligations of the Lessor:

15. The lessor ensures to supply the vehicle at the agreed time and sees that it meets its demands.
16. If the vehicle malfunctions, the lessor is responsible for fixing the vehicle as soon as possible. If the damage is minor, the lessee is authorized to have repairs done on the vehicle at a location decided by the rental agency. 
17. Lessor shall inform the lessee of the terms of this agreement and especially what he accepts with their signature. 
18. The lessor shall inform a foreign lessee regarding Icelandic traffic regulations, traffic signs, and regulations banning off-road driving. The lessor shall particularly point out the dangers stemming from animals on the roads.
19. If the lessor wants to limit the use of the vehicle regarding its equipment and/or road conditions, this shall be done in writing when this lease is signed. 
20. The lessor ensures the maintenance of valid liability insurance for their business operations.Insurance21. The lease sum/rental fee includes mandatory vehicle insurance, liability insurance, and accident insurance for drivers and passengers.
22. Third-party liability insurance will consist of the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at any given time.
23. The lessee may purchase separate accident (CDW) insurance. This policy will specify the amount deductible in each instance of loss. 
24. Each self-risk only applies to one incident. In instances of more damage that obviously did not occur simultaneously, each self-risk CDW applies only to one incident.
25. No insurance covers incidents or charges due to:
a) Intentional damage due to gross negligence on the driver’s part.b) Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of alcohol, stimulants, or sedatives, or in any other way incapable of driving the vehicle safely.
c) Damage due to race or test driving.d) Damage due to war, revolution, civil unrest, or riots. 
e) Damage is done by animals.f) Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats.
g) Damage affecting only wheels, suspension, batteries, glass (other than windows), radios, or loss by theft of vehicle parts and damage resulting from this. 
h) Damage caused by driving on rough roads to the vehicle transmission, drive, and other parts that are in or attached to the chassis; damage to the chassis resulting from the vehicle scraping bottom on rough roads as a result of ridges being left by road graders; stones lodged in the road surface or on the shoulder of the road. The same applies to damage when stones are thrown up, striking the vehicle’s underside during driving. 
i) Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, snow banks, ice, unbridged rivers or streams, beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas. 
j) If the lessee is spotted and proven to be driving off-road, driving on F-roads with a non-4×4 vehicle, driving on closed roads, or any roads unsuitable for the vehicle currently driving, the lessee accepts to pay an additional fine of 500€.
k) Damage caused by sand, gravel, ash pumice, or other kinds of earth material being blown onto the vehicle. Only SAAP (Sand and Ash Protection) covers such damage. Please refer to General Provisions.
l) If the vehicle is transported by sea, no compensation will be paid for damage caused by sea spray/seawater.
m) Damage to the door, fender, hinges, or any other part damaged due to the wind catching the doors.
n) Damages to passenger cars and/or 2WD vehicles caused by driving on roads marked with an F on public maps as well as driving on Kjölur (road 35), Kaldidalur (road 550), Dettifoss road east side (road 864) and Jökulshálsleið (road 570). 
o) Lessor’s loss because of the vehicle being stolen.
p) Water damage to the vehicle.
q) Damages to the RVs interior (plastics, seats, mattress, and kitchen appliance).
r) Charges or other costs for required assistance because of a breakdown or damage that is the driver’s responsibility.
s) Charges when pumping the wrong fuel into the car.
t) Charges for losing accessories, such as the car key or GPS/WiFi unit.
u) Service charges and handling fees related to the renter’s car use include fines for speeding, parking fee, and tunnel fee.
v) General charges for towing, resulting from the renter’s misuse or mistake such as getting stuck in snow, sand, water, or river.
w) In other instances, reference is made to the general accident/all-risk insurance conditions.

26. The lessee may purchase additional insurance to limit liability according to each insurance policy These insurances cover towing fees in case of immobilization after a collision with a third party only, not for off-road driving or towing out after being stuck in sand, snow, rivers, or mud.
27. If additional insurance is not purchased, the lessee will be responsible for any liability up to 3000 € and any potential towing fee.
28. The lessee may purchase extra insurances, the fantastic one for example with 0€ self-risk.
29. This lease agreement shall be kept in the lease’s possession during the lease term.
30. Additions and amendments to the conditions and provisions of this lease agreement shall be made in writing.
31. The lessee agrees to allow the lessor to keep contact details for marketing purposes.
32. Icelandic law applies to agreements based on the above terms. This includes any compensation claims that might be made. This applies both to the basis for and the calculation of compensation. The same applies to claims for damages based on liability outside this agreement. Legal disputes arising concerning this lease agreement will be heard before the lessor’s legal venue. 
33. Disputes between the parties to this lease agreement can be submitted to the active Arbitration committee of the Icelandic Consumers Association and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association.
34. The lessee permits the lessor to charge for damages that occur during the rental up to the insurance liability. Lessee also permits the rental company to sign the payment voucher in his name. 
35. Insurance:a) Third-party liability insurance shall be equivalent to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law each time. The lessee is responsible for all damage to the car. By purchasing Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the lessee can insure themselves against the disbursement of the driver’s liability; the amount of the own-risk fee is according to the lessor’s pricelist at the given time and is also started on the front side of this rental agreement. If the lessee has already purchased CDW insurance, they can purchase Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) insurance and, by doing so, further, lower the self-risk. 
Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP) covers damage caused by sand or ash storms.
Gravel Protection (GP) covers damages to the front windshield and headlights caused by stones or gravel.
Theft Protection (TP) covers damages to the vehicle if it gets stolen when parked, with locked doors, all windows closed, and keys not in. 
Theft Protection does not cover damages caused by breaking and entering, nor does it cover the loss of personal belongings of the renter or the passengers. 
the Fantastic Insurance Plan only reduces the self-risk of the SCDW down to a null amount. The fantastic Insurance Plan does not free the renter from any liability if these car rental terms are violated. 
Self-risk of additional insurance is stated in the lessors’ pricelist. 
36. However, no insurance covers damages to the underside of the rented vehicle, wind damages to the doors, or damages to driving through rivers or any kind of waterfall. CDW, SCDW, SAAP, GP, TP, great, or Fantastic, do not cover such damages. Such damages are always the lessee’s full responsibility. 
Insurance self-risks and pricelist
CDW: Up to 3000€ / SCDW: Up to 1000€
Without GP: 500€ / With GP: 0€
Without SAAP: Unlimited / With SAAP: 500€ 
Towing price:  400ISK per. km.
Missing Fuel: Cost of the missing fuel with the additional service fee. 
Service Fee: 10€
– Please contact info@egillb.com if you have any questions

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